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Why 81? It’s just long enough to allow for a story to develop but short enough to mean every single word needs thoughtful weighing. Mostly though it’s just a nice number, ask a mathematician.

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He will not be alive

The popularity of James increases as president but less than malaria.A Milkman was at his home, suddenly a voice came from his son, James shot.This was avoided by the milkman, he was shot at palace even with a tight security
.Milkman’s son said him that James is in hospital .Milkman replied,”Oh!As I would there to be hit”.Son said they can be saved, for fun, then he said he was also suffering from malaria.
“Then he will not be alive,” Milkman said.


Rex ran toward the grave yard.
“REX”, I shouted repeatedly as I ran after him.
He disappeared behind a large grave stone.
I made my way to where the mutt had vanished he must be hiding behind it.
I got closer to the stone and was a few feet away when a monstrous growling noise emanated from its rear.
Behind me I heared Rex bark. The idious growling behind the stone got louder.
I ran towards my dog very fast indeed.

Two Damaged Chests

The tiger was panting heavily, its flank heaving with the effort. It was not only the heat, it was the bullet so it had stopped running to get precious oxygen.

The tiger did not know how to hide from a human, only from prey so it did not take long for the fat hunter to find it laying in the long grass by river.

The fat hunter shot it again, then sat heavily. There was a strange pain in his chest.


I sat and stared into his eyes, a puzzled look appeared on his face.i was not communicating, I sat and thought. I decided on a different tack. I turned through three hundred and sixty degrees, stared at his face, nothing. I was getting desperate now.i reviewed my options.decided on one last ploy. I did one more turn and cleared my throat, success I saw the realisation come across his face as he reached for the lead to take me for walked.

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He had not slept that night. People say that they were awake all night when in truth they drift in and out of consciousness. But Joe did not even close his weary eyes. Yet there he lay. The ticking clock paused occasionally, before commencing it’s laborious  journey once more. Time stood still.
As Dawn peeped cautiously above the horizon, Joe lowered the duvet. His eyelids grew heavy. His breathing slowed. His head sank into the pillow. Clock sounded his alarm; brrrrinnngggg.

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So Near

“It won’t budge”, Tom said.

Hydrogen spewed from the back up cell, crystalizing instantly upon impact with the frozen void.

“Did you use a cheater bar?”, Asked the chief.

“It’s no good–I stripped it out. I’m sorry Paul, I’m so sorry.”

Tom stared at the fuel shutoff a minute longer then crawled to the hatch and stared into space. He was light years away, but he imagined dropping his lifeline and floating home to his wife.

“I want to go home.”

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So Near
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