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Why 81? It’s just long enough to allow for a story to develop but short enough to mean every single word needs thoughtful weighing. Mostly though it’s just a nice number, ask a mathematician.

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After dark at the office

‘Crack!’ She didn’t even know he was there..waiting..watching her with his cold, steel eyes. As soon as she turned her head towards the partially hidden figure , she froze in terror with shards of glass ripping through her throat as she gulped to take a breath before lunging into her office and slamming the door shut, turning the key in an instant. Petrified, she waited to be attacked but nothing happened. She must have imagined the noise and figure all along.

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After dark at the office
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Connections and Lasting Relationships

What holds people together? is it their past or their future? I am more inclined to think it is the present. Where we come from and where we are heading matters less than where we are right now and our current state of mind to relate to one another. We all change constantly and go through a period of growth and we can often outgrow people from our past. Being able to connect to someone today creates an unshakable bond, today!

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Connections and Lasting Relationships
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When will we be free?

We are free when we feel alive, not just physically but when our hearts and souls burn with a driven passion to actually live!

We are free when nothing and no one is holding onto us; if we can step left, right, up, down with no barrier or pull in another direction!

We are free when we are content to be alone but chose to live side-by-side with another.

We are free when we finally accept ourselves and love ourselves, first.

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When will we be free?
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I’m going through the bins, for leftovers, draining the dregs from cans. Rummaging deeper I pull out an empty, smeared with dark matter. Holding it up, I recoil, from the metallic smell. Blood.
I hear a murmuring behind me. Pattering light steps. A stone hits my head.
‘Hello Mister.’
Turning, I stumble over the roundabout. I am in their playground.
‘Come play with us.’
A bottle sails past me and smashes. I see a match flame flare.
Now I am afraid.

Dreaming since I was little.

Ever since I was thirteen, I had dreamt of several things. From how good it felt to love, to how white was the pure dove? As fourteen came about, many thoughts were cut-out. From how much I wanted this, to how bad we would all dismiss? Fifteen birthdays had now passed, and I thought I’d ask, at last.. “can I make it? Can I Try? Would you stick by me if I said ‘goodbye..’ “ Eighteen now, and I travelled alone…somehow.

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Dreaming since I was little.
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One Fine Day

If the sun failed to rise this morning, I might find great joy in it. Such panic and horror surrounding the collapse of our world would imbue all of the earth, and the ensuing chaos would be magnificent. I wish I could see it all.

So I look up to the stars. Make love with my wife. Stare into the eyes of those I love and say nothing.

But one day is surely all I have the heart for, no more.

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One Fine Day
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